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1、Kandhar Inscription of Bhuvanaikamalla Somesvara II. 1990

2、El Bodhisattva en los sûtras del Mahâyâna. 1986

3、Reflections on Private Coin Minting in Medieval South India. 1991

4、Numismatography of the western Kshatrapa coinage. 1987

5、Inscribed Vishukui Coins:A Review. 1990

6、Unique coins of Sivala Kumara and Madhariputra Sivalakura. 1985

7、A Jaina inscription on a pedestal in the Deccan College Museum. 1982

8、Two horse‐shoe shaped gold coins from Wai,district Satara,Maharashtra state. 1984

9、The Identity and Significance of the Valmkavap in the Vedic Ritual. 1994

10、Roman Coins from Maharashtra. 1990

11、Kalaśa Symbol on Vishnukui Coins−A Reinterpretation. 1989

12、Trans−historical values of the reassessme of the Cultural Revolution. 1981

13、Nammāvār’s Glorious Tiruvallavā:An Exploration in the Methods and Goals of Śrvaiava Commentary. 1991

14、Mao and socialist transition. 1984

15、A European document on the fall of the Ming Dynasty(1644−1649). 1983

16、Reflections on Private Coin Minting in Medieval South India. 1991

17、Saavai stone image inscription. 1981

18、Coins from Nevasa Excavation(1959−60−61). 1988

19、A grant of Muhammad Adil Shah Ⅱ to the temple of Vithoba. 1987

20、A comparative analysis of the adaptation of Christianity to Korea and the Islamization of Indonesia. 1986