Bunji Maruo
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1、Liquid scintillation counting of C 14 paper chromatogram

摘要:A method is described for the counting of C 14 biological materials on paper chromatograms. Paper sections are placed in counting vials and are extracted by the solubilizing agent, hyamine. Scintillation solvent is then added, and the samples are counted by a liquid scintillation spectrometer. Absolute radioactivity of each spot can be obtained by any of the following three correction methods. One method involves the dilution of the sample by scintillator solvent, the other uses an internal standard, and the last method involves correction of the observed radio-activity by the counting efficiency obtained from the ratio of counts in two separate windows of the spectrometer. Any of the three methods will give quantitative data if the extraction of the sample from the paper by a solubilizing agent is over 80%. The methods have been applied to the counting of various C 14 amino acids and C 14 sugars on paper sections with excellent recovery in radioactivity and reproducibility.
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2、Experimental proof of a compartment of 「energy-rich」-P in a subcellular system from Pseudomona

3、Liquid Scintillation Counting of Biological Compounds in Aqueous Solution

4、Liquid Scintillation Counting of H³-Nucleic Acid

5、Liquid scintillation counting of C14 paper chromatogram

6、Ribonucleic acid metabolism in the posterior silkgland of silkworm, Bombyx mori, during the fifth instar

摘要:RNA metabolism in the posterior silkgland of the silkworm, Bombyx mori L, during the fifth instar has been studied. The base composition of the bulk RNA did not change significantly during the instar. 32 P-pulse labeling during the earlier stage of the instar indicated the synthesis of a rapidly turning-over RNA having a base composition different from that of ribosomal RNA and resembling that of DNA. Sedimentation analysis of RNA at this stage revealed the presence of components having different sedimentation constants from those of the ribosomal and s-RNA. At a later stage of the instar, there was no evidence for the occurrence of a rapidly turning-over RNA having a base composition different from that of ribosomal RNA. The role of RNA in silk fibroin synthesis is discussed.
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7、Ribonucleic acid synthesis in a subcellular system from pseudomona

8、The synthesis of α-amylase by a cell-free system from Bacillus, subtili