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1、Early missionary attempts in Korea. 1983

2、廖仲愷傳 1982

3、Chinese livelihood in rural California. 1984

4、Chinese Revisionist Historiography and the Construction of an Intellectual Discourse on Modernization,1979−1989. 1995

5、The Organization and Utilization of Labor Service under the Jurchen Chin Dynasty. 1992

6、A Recipe to Qubilai Qa』an on Governance:the Case of Chang Te‐hui and Li Chih. 1997

7、Values and Chinese Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Singapore. 1994

8、Disputes on the One Thread of Chung‐Shu. 1999

9、The Reification of Desire in Modern Chinese Realism:Rereading Mao Dun’s Midnight. 1990

10、The Interpretation of the 1911 Revolution in the West. 1993

11、A European document on the fall of the Ming Dynasty(1644−1649). 1983

12、滄浪詩話的詩歌理論硏究 1992

13、Two Dogmas of Critical Buddhism. 2010

14、The Jing/zhuan Structure of the Chuci Anthology:A New Approach to the Authorship of Some of the Poems. 1998

15、Notes on dating the Cantonese dentilabialization of middle Chinese gutturals. 1978

16、On Ogyū Sorai’s Critique of Chu Hsi’s Program of Learning to be a Sage. 1998

17、Asian American Historiography. 1996

18、Sheng Shih‐ts』ai’s reform programs in Sinkiang:Idealism or opportunism? 1983

19、Urbanization and Rural−Urban Migration in China since 1982:A New Baseline. 1994

20、Liao Chung−k´ai and the Labor Movement in Kwangtung,1924−1925. 1981