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1、Taiwan Mandarin Speakers' Underlying Perception of Money : The Metaphorical Extensions of jin1 qian2. 2009

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2、The Citrus Ant of South China. 1987

3、China’s Cadre Transfer Policy toward Tibet in the 1980s. 1995

4、Sentiments of Desire:Thoughts on the Cult of Qing in Ming−Qing Literature. 1998

5、A Reply to Ramon Myers. 1991

6、Chu Hsi versus Lu Hsiang‐shan:A philosophical interpretation. 1987

7、Characteristics of Chinese Hermeneutics Exhibited in the History of Mencius Exegesis. 1997

8、Zhu Xi on ren(humanity)and love:a neo‐Confucian way out of the liberal‐communitarian impasse. 1996

9、Environmental Impact Assessments for Major Construction Projects in Taiwan:Problems and Solutions. 1993

10、The Grand Council of the Ch』ing dynasty. 1985

11、The Inescapable Predicament. 1990

12、Changes in Tomb Styles during the Han Period:The Trend towards More Open Tomb Structures. 1996

13、The Paradigmatic Crisis in Chinese Studies. 1991

14、Lu Xun—『The fighting feuilletonist』:A close look at his essays. 1982

15、Beyond the Right-Left Divide : Searching for Reform from the History of Practice. 2010

16、Court Divination and Christianity in the K』ang‐hsi Era. 1991

17、淸韓宗藩貿易:1637〜1894 1978

18、Rural Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution:Representational and Objective Realities from the Land Reform to the Cultural Revolution. 1995

19、Shared Morphology in Qiang and Tibetan. 2009

20、A Comparison Between the Conventional Practices in Business Transaction and thePricing Process in China and Those in Japan. 1999