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1、The Inescapable Predicament. 1990

2、Environmental Impact Assessments for Major Construction Projects in Taiwan:Problems and Solutions. 1993

3、Taiwan Mandarin Speakers' Underlying Perception of Money : The Metaphorical Extensions of jin1 qian2. 2009

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4、Characteristics of Chinese Hermeneutics Exhibited in the History of Mencius Exegesis. 1997

5、Zhu Xi on ren(humanity)and love:a neo‐Confucian way out of the liberal‐communitarian impasse. 1996

6、Chu Hsi versus Lu Hsiang‐shan:A philosophical interpretation. 1987

7、A Reply to Ramon Myers. 1991

8、The Grand Council of the Ch』ing dynasty. 1985

9、Changes in Tomb Styles during the Han Period:The Trend towards More Open Tomb Structures. 1996

10、The Citrus Ant of South China. 1987

11、China’s Cadre Transfer Policy toward Tibet in the 1980s. 1995

12、Sentiments of Desire:Thoughts on the Cult of Qing in Ming−Qing Literature. 1998

13、Lu Xun—『The fighting feuilletonist』:A close look at his essays. 1982

14、The Paradigmatic Crisis in Chinese Studies. 1991

15、Beyond the Right-Left Divide : Searching for Reform from the History of Practice. 2010

16、Court Divination and Christianity in the K』ang‐hsi Era. 1991

17、淸韓宗藩貿易:1637〜1894 1978

18、Rural Class Struggle in the Chinese Revolution:Representational and Objective Realities from the Land Reform to the Cultural Revolution. 1995

19、The Story of Heads and Tails : On a Sequentially Sensitive Lexicon. 2000

20、A Comparison Between the Conventional Practices in Business Transaction and thePricing Process in China and Those in Japan. 1999