共找到 10 条论著文献

1、A Question of Rites. 1996

2、Presidential Address:Questions About China’s Early Modern Economic History That I Wish I Could Answer. 1992

3、The household and shared poverty in the highlands of Central Sulawesi. 1995

4、Michele Ruggieri,S.J.(1543−1607)and His Chinese Poems. 1993

5、Two Chinese Poems Written by Hsü Wei徐渭(1521−1593)on Michele Ruggieri,S.J.(1543−1607). 1996

6、中國早期工業化 1990

7、Early missionary attempts in Korea. 1983

8、La démocratie et les sciences chinoises 2000 ans avant Jésus‐Christ. 1989

9、A European document on the fall of the Ming Dynasty(1644−1649). 1983

10、Jean Filliozat(1906−1982)et les arts asiatiques. 1984