共找到 10 条论著文献

1、Presidential Address:Questions About China’s Early Modern Economic History That I Wish I Could Answer. 1992

2、A Question of Rites. 1996

3、Two Chinese Poems Written by Hsü Wei徐渭(1521−1593)on Michele Ruggieri,S.J.(1543−1607). 1996

4、The household and shared poverty in the highlands of Central Sulawesi. 1995

5、Michele Ruggieri,S.J.(1543−1607)and His Chinese Poems. 1993

6、Jean Filliozat(1906−1982)et les arts asiatiques. 1984

7、中國早期工業化 1990

8、Early missionary attempts in Korea. 1983

9、La démocratie et les sciences chinoises 2000 ans avant Jésus‐Christ. 1989

10、A European document on the fall of the Ming Dynasty(1644−1649). 1983