Cheng Xiang
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1、Ecosystem Management

摘要:Ecosystem management is to make adaptive management strategy based on full understanding the process of composition, structure and function of ecological system, and to restore or maintain ecosystem integrity and sustainability. Forest ecosystem management attempts to maintain forest ecosystem complex process, path and the interdependent relationship, and maintaining their function good, for sustainable forest management and forest ecological system, and establishing and developing comprehensive theoretical system of forest ecosystem and sustainable forestry management system and decision support system, method and technology system. Grassland ecosystem is the prairie land biological coupling with its survival in nature. Absorbing new achievements of science and technology, to build and to make the new grazing system unit perfect, and make it as the indispensable important component of modern agriculture. Desert ecosystem management needs to solve problems of harmonious interaction and the sustainable development of river basin, as well as the ecological water requirement of river basin security problems. Desert ecosystem management must adopt comprehensive ecological management measures in the process of management, give attention to utilizationUtilization and protection to optimize economic, social, and environmental benefits. Wetland surface interaction process and the system response, the succession of wetland ecosystemWetland ecosystem and its ecological effect, and the further research of wetland ecosystem function evaluation becomes scientific foundation to explain wetland process route and wetland ecosystem management. Lake ecosystem is affected by human activities. Controlling food chain control of biological on the basis of the classic and nonclassical biological control theory is one of the important measures to control eutrophication in lake. Aquatic plant restoration is also very important in the process of eutrophication in lake. We developed the marine ecosystem management system in China, including ocean space planning and Marine functional zoning planning, Marine nature reserve construction, fishing intensity control and the closed fishing rule, ecological restoration and resource conservation, maintenance management information system construction, and emphasize more on the ocean in terms of ecosystem management in new pattern. Driven by the interests of the market due to the economic benefit and production effect, ecological environmental benefits are neglected in agricultural ecological system. Using the ecology principle 「prevention and control of integrated system」 is the fundamental way for agricultural pest control.
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