John W.
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1、Transmission of a comparison:Father Joachim Bouvet’s view of the K』ang‐hsi emperor and Louis XIV. 1983

2、宋代宗室(imperial clan)の政治的社會的變容 2002

3、The Seventeenth‐Century European Advance into Asia−A Review Article. 1994

4、Chu Hsi and the revival of the White Deer Grotto Academy,1179−1181 A.D. 1985

5、The pleistocene prehistory of China. 1985

6、Marriage and the Sung imperial clan. 1987

7、A Ming Landscape:Settlement,Land Use,Labor,and Estheticism in T』ai‐ho County,Kiangsi. 1989

8、From Capital to Countryside:Changing Residency Patterns of the Sung Imperial Clan. 1989

9、Empress-Regents under the Song:Power,Authority and the Feminine. 2001